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Post by Soekanta on Thu Dec 15, 2016 12:09 pm

Welcome To Indonesian Team DeathMatch 0.3.7
1.Dont use cheat! this will makes you got banned permanently! Never Unbanned!
2.Dont Spawn Killing/SK you'll be punishment in jails 30minute or more.
3.Dont Racism if you say one of racism words you'll got kick 3times Racism Got jails 60Minutes!
4.Do not Provoke admins. or you'll got banned! 5.Do not insulting hardly or you'll got jails
6.Do not share your password to your friends! Ban Permanently!
7.Do not Seekers Mistake People And many more.

Note: If you got banned give a unban request at forums. if not you'll got Ban Evading!
PS:If you got ban/kick without rules on up there it is not our fault if you really do wrong

Welcome To Indonesian Team DeathMatch 0.3.7

1. Jangan pernah menggunakan Cheat! Atau akan di Ban Permanent dan tidak akan di Unban!
2. Jangan pernah Spawn Killing! Entar kena Jail 30 menit atau lebih
3. Jangan Rasis woi! kalo rasis entar bisa kena Kick Atau kena jail 60 Menit!
4. Jangan pernah Membuat admin marah!Mau kena Ban ?
5. Jangan Insult yang kasar kasar! kalau mau insult sewajarnya aja ! Emangnya mau dijail ?
6.Jangan Acc Share woi! Diban Permanent mau ??
7.Jangan PPKO woi!

Note: Kalo lu kena ban buat unban request nya diforum. Kalo ngga entar kena Ban Evading!
PS:Kalo lu kena ban/kick tapi alasannya ngga tercantum dalam rules di forum. intospeksi aja dulu mana tau lu bener bener salah


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